1. It's what I believe

Freelance Photographer. Universal Employee. Film Student. Lover of Torie, Star Wars, Roosterteeth, Ghostbusters, and Magic The Gathering.

I like cats.

Anyone have Rohdie for film history 2 this semester?

Dat -8

Dat -8

Bitches be cray.

Lucky for me I got Torie and some wonderful friends.

how to goat simulator

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Anyone have Rohdie for Film History 2?




Somewhere off the Los Santos shore…

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I remember when I was young and super talented and could pencil, ink, color and letter my own comic book pages on a professional skill level.

Oh wait. That wasn’t me.

Never mind.

This is incredible!

Everyone is like “Zomg Universal Knights”

And I am like “Zomg thank god I don’t work at Islands” 

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gen 1 had the best starters

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All hail Mad King Ryan

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All the D20s

All the D20s